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FullReader, an e-book reader

The multifunctional e-book reader for Android enables to read all popular formats of e-books and text documents, view journals and comics, listen to audio books. This e-reader contains the features that ensure the effective operation of the following formats: fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, DjVu, html, mobi, xps, odt, rar, zip, MP3.

  • Word processing
  • Leafing through the pages
  • Reading modes
  • Reading statistics
  • Flexible app settings
  • Text settings
  • Online synchronization
  • Tap-zones
  • Reading aloud
  • Convenient interface
  • Local libraries
  • Localization
  • Built-in translator
  • A widget for the home screen panel
  • Convenient navigation
Word processing

FullReader offers multiple features for word processing in the process of reading. Thus, you will be able to:

  • create bookmarks;
  • add color notes to highlight important parts of documents and interesting episodes of books. The notes can be easily found in the corresponding menu section;
  • save interesting quotations in a special section, share them across a range of social networks, send them to your friends in messages and in many other available ways.

Using the convenient search for text will help to quickly find a required phrase in an open book.

The e-reader will show you a page or a chapter required without necessity of continuous page leaf-through.

Leafing through the pages

There are a few variants of turning the pages in the e-book reader. The corresponding settings menu will offer you to choose the most suitable way of page leaf-through: by touching the screen or by means of a volume rocker, by setting the automatic mode of turning at certain intervals of time, determining the direction of page moving and choosing the effects.

The animation effects offered are:

  • simple page displacement;
  • displacement with overlapping;
  • 3D animation that is similar to real page turning.
Reading modes

To make the process of reading books more comfortable at different times of day, the e-book reader gives you an opportunity to choose one of the modes: day or night. When the day mode is chosen, the text in black is displayed on a white background (in case no other color solutions are set individually by the user); in the night mode the text in white is displayed correspondingly on a black background.

Reading statistics

The corresponding section gives information on the statistics of the current document reading. The information you can find here includes:

  • book name;
  • percentage of the text read;
  • overall time of reading;
  • percentage of the text read during the last session;
  • last page read;
  • date and time of the last time the book was opened;
  • quantity of the pages leafed-through.
Flexible app settings

The settings of the program offer a lot of features that allow the e-reader to be individually adjusted in order to give the maximum comfort of reading to each person. You can use interface settings, screen settings, synchronization, access to the SD card of the device and implement many other options.

Text settings

There are 12 different fonts available in the e-book reader and a possibility to add your own font types. The corresponding settings enable you to choose the color of letters and background, with a possibility of adding your own background images.

Different parameters include: using anti-aliasing for a font, setting its size, design of typeface and font style. After the parameters setting, you can see the text adjusted properly for your perception.

Setting the text wrapping, spacing, and adjusting make the text more structured and easier to comprehend.

Online synchronization

This feature enables to synchronize bookmarks, latest books opened, notes and reading positions by means of the Dropbox file hosting service.


The e-book reader provides individually set tap-zones for quick access to important settings in the process of reading without necessity to go to special section.

Reading aloud

The TTS (text to speech) function lets you to reproduce text aloud. The usage of this function may require the installation of additional plugins.

Convenient interface

The interface of FullReader does not involve unnecessary elements, functions and buttons, and this brings to an easy maintenance of the e-reader by all users, including inexperienced ones.

Local libraries

Connect the required OPDS libraries and download the books directly in the application.


The e-book reader’s functional is translated to 5 popular world languages.

Built-in translator

Translate words, phrases and sentences directly in the application, staying focused on reading without having to use a separate dictionary. Select the text that should be translated and press only one button to translate it to the required language.

A widget for the home screen panel

A useful widget displays the latest open books and documents on the home screen panel of your cell phone or tablet.

Convenient navigation

All books, magazines, and different types of documents FullReader can work with are gathered in the corresponding sections that can be accessed through the home page of the app. This is where the currently open book and the latest open documents are also displayed.

All the formats supported by the e-book reader are sorted by the following criteria in the library:

  • recent;
  • authors;
  • titles;
  • series;
  • categories.

Can’t find the required document? Use the function of scanning the file system of the device and get the list of all documents available on the phone or tablet; the documents displayed are of all the formats the FullReader multifunctional e-book reader supports.

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