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“Labirinth” is an original fascinating game, the main aim of which is rolling a ball in a maze to the finishing hole in a very short time avoiding each obstacle on the map. The ball handling is realized by means of the accelerometer. You set the direction and speed of a ball’s move in the labyrinth by simply tilting your device. The levels, that are divided based on the complexity, make the game interesting for both adults and children.

  • Original levels
  • Different balls
  • Tasks and achievements
  • Connection with social networks
  • Settings
  • Map editor
Original levels

game contains multiple original graphic locations with different levels of complexity, that will always be updated and replenished. The puzzle also contains a secret maze. It will be available only if you guess a certain order of rolling a ball on the home page of the application.

Different balls

You can choose the balls during the game. They differ by both the specifications and the appearance complementing original locations. Depending on definite parameters: speed of moving, maneuverability, and rebound force, a ball will help you to pass a level by going round all the holes and obstacles and rolling to the finish as quickly as possible.

Tasks and achievements

n order to increase interest and excitement, you can complete definite tasks, the list of which is in the corresponding section on the application home page. These achievements enable you to keep track of the game process: the time you have been playing, the successful hits into holes etc.

Connection with social networks

After passing each labyrinth, you have an opportunity to share your results with friends by posting the achievements on the social networks pages. Compete with your friends and break your own records!


The corresponding menu item will give you an opportunity to:

  • carry out a calibration after setting the convenient position of the device for a better accuracy of ball handling;
  • turn on the sounds and background music of the game play;
  • choose one of 14 languages of the game interface.
Map editor

By means of a map editor you can create your own locations, placing the holes and obstacles in the labyrinth at your desire.

Download Labirinth to your device

Labirinth on Android

System requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Version: 2.0.4 (September 30, 2019)
Quantity of downloads: 100000
Purchase: Free
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