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About us

As well as for every person, especially creative, the most important part of the working process is his surroundings. We are all right with that, both with the working time and with the entertainment:) Anyway, just have a look yourself.


Every member of the team owns his personal, comfortable working place with private space, each of the locations from time to time is “upgraded” with modern devices, furniture and equipment 📱🎧🖥.

Game zone

Considering the principle “the one who works well – rests as well”, we have our own Game-zone with PS, VR and fresh set of games 🎮. Besides, if there is no working mood at the moment, you can always have a good time during coffee-breaks. On Fridays we have Game-and-Pizza-Day...🎉🍕 suppose, that doesn’t require any explanations.


As far as our group is mostly male, kitchen is one of the primary zones. To increase productivity, here we stock never-ending supplies of energetics, coffee, tea, sweets, pastry and fruits (for healthy eaters:))☕🥐🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌